Company Profile

Setting the standard for the quality products for more than 35 years, FLYING-HIGH has been recognized as a pioneer in innovation of Lawn & Garden Tools with shipments to worldwide net of over 25 countries.
The constant search for innovative techniques is the challenge facing FLYING-HIGH products designers every day. Our commitment is to provide the industry and consumer markets with wide selection of quality products as virtually competitive prices. That is why the famous customers like to stay with us without disconnection.

Our own factories are located in Chiayi County & Taichung City. Our manufacturing processes involves advanced technology, superior workmanship and rigid quality control. The production lines – die-casting, mold, injection, grinding, stamping, assembling & always developing new products for customers’ reference. Customer’s designs are welcome for producing or re-designing(OEM/ODM way is requiring by customers constantly.

Established in: 1989
Business Type: OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer Exporter/Agent
Markets: North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mid-East, Africa.
Main Products: Most of the products are produced using only the highest quality material with the aid of advanced computer controlled manufacturing. Quality controls are performed step-by-step even from the raw material to finished products. Severe testing is carried out to verify that the products meet strict specifications before they can be approved for distribution to the customers. Quality people, quality materials, quality products and service are our basic concepts and that is why FLYING-HIGH maintain its reputation as a world wide leader in Lawn & Garden tools.
Products categories:
Water products:
Nozzles, hose connectors, sprayers, sprinklers, garden hose, under-ground system.
Garden Tools:
Pruning shears, Hedge shears, lopping shears, Pole Tree pruners, pruning saws, bow saws, folding saws, steel rakes, plastic leaf rakes, garden accessories.
No. of Employee: office ( 20 ) factory : (55)
Location: Taiwan